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Soulcial Media Influencer Coaching Program

A six week on demand coaching program for Influencers and Thought Leaders to affirm their soulcial voice, cultivate their ideal community, and produce tangible results within their personal brands in 30 days.  

What you'll learn:

  • The Mindset of a Trailblazer & How to combat Imposter Syndrome + Self Sabotage as a Thought Leader on social media.
  • deeper understanding of The Authenticity Formula and how to apply it as an influencer while unlocking the confidence to your God given potential.
  • How to bridge the gap between Faith & Influence with your storytelling and messaging.
  • Brand Soul Mapping and how to have clear vision of how your brand will remain sustainable while creating digital offers.
  • Social Media Strategy and developing your unique soulcial voice through captions, brand partnerships and social media content.
  • The Trailblazer Action Plan to confidently promote and sell your digital offers with strategic storytelling.

What to expect:

  • Six masterclasses taught by your coach Michelle Ana, with an in-depth breakdown of the course content for that week.
  • Lifetime access to all coaching content, playbacks and downloads completed.
  • Continued support while in the six week course.
  • A customized coaching newsletter guide to help you stay on track with your weekly tasks within the coaching program.

In a nutshell, with this offer, you are receiving the six week intensive coaching program and all the mastermind discussions!

Any last minute questions? We got you covered. Email [email protected] and we will be happy to help!

All digital products are nonrefundable.

What People Are Saying:

This is the perfect blend of industry advice and soul level advice! We were not lacking on either! That was huge! The practical side..it broke down the overwhelmed side of me. I was so overwhelmed at “How?” How are you going to implement the Ten Ideas? Where are you starting? I was able to be so inspired and not be or feel limited. That alone set me free from so much anxiety of limitation.  I loved the Fifteen Minute Brainstorming. That changed the game for me! I have been able to break down Grace and Grief with the Pillars as well. The Pillars have helped me stay organized for different platforms in many ways. That was huge because by brainstorming I am never lost for content. I don’t even have to worry about that now! Brand soul mapping, the captions everything were also good! I have gotten on mail chimp which used to intimidate me and I was able to get a survey. I am creating a freebie of when you’ve lost a love one and now I am focused on widows. I have been able to meet a widow and it impacted me how necessary this is.

LaSaundra | @graceandgri

I just want to thank Michelle Ana! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  My biggest win was my yes! As I reflect I was reminded of the questions she asked us when we first started. One was why is this important to you? I remember writing this is important to me because by me saying yes is my obedience to God. Also, I know that there are other people on the other side of my obedience. I did not even realized this, but the people who are connected to me like my friends and my community are coming up to me saying “Hey, I see what you are doing!” They are getting inspired!  I remember being at a bible study and a lady was praying and she said that we have so many things that are inside of us and God is connecting you with your midwives and assigned to push the very things that are inside of you. Then Michelle Ana showed up and you are an answered prayer!  Because of you people who are connected to me have given God their yes and have taken a chance on themselves and have taken the opportunity to put out what God placed on their heart. It's just this one big bubble now. During the intensive I was able to share some of the wisdom and invite what I received with them. They are putting into practice some things I learned here like the Fifteen Minute Brainstorm.

Ree | @earth2ree

This has been a journey and it has been real!!! I guess my biggest win of being apart of the Soulcial Media Influencer Coaching Program was overcoming shame. I was dealing with a lot of shame and I know that its not just me. I know that a lot of people deal with shame and disappointment. This program completely takes away shame or disappointment. It completely goes against any self doubt. It completely goes against the insecurities of putting out what God has put in you to put out into the world.  “Don’t be stingy with your story.” Being here, I found myself and I’ve never been able to say that. These six-weeks have been tremendous. Even my friends have noticed the change. Its a confidence that I’ve never experienced before. Its not just with my platform but its with who I am as an individual beyond my purpose! I know who I am, and I know what I want to do. I can say that now with joy. There is so much here in this coaching program! There is so much wisdom, so much love, so much community! I feel so much love and acceptance! 

Kassandra | @pi.kass.o